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Pilates & Exercise Classes


The experienced instructors at Precision Health Care are university qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists (EP) and have additional certification through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.


The combination of these qualifications and experience enables the instructors at Precision Health Care to accurately design programs for a variety of conditions, from injury rehabilitation to post natal recovery, and from elite performance to general fitness and wellbeing. In our Exercise Classes instructors often use exercises and techniques drawn from Pilates designed to best benefit our clients and their individual needs.


The Instructors at Precision Health Care have the appropriate training and qualifications to diagnose and understand musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, therefore appropriate and safe programs be devised and adapted to ensure optimal outcomes. 

Our Pilates-based Classes:

FX = Floor Exercise: Mat Pilates inspired classes

RX = Resistance Exercise: Studio reformer pilates inspired classes


FX Class: Level 1

  • Suitable for Beginners

  • 1:1 assessment required prior to session


FX Class: Level 2

  • Intermediate/advanced classes

  • Suitable for those with some prior experience

  • If you have not attended any classes at Precision Health Care a 1:1 assessment is required


RX Group class

  • Suitable for all levels, recommended 5x FX classes prior

  • Use of specialised Pilates equipment including Reformers and EXO chairs

  • Individual assessment and program, small class sizes

  • One-on-one consultation required before commencing


RX45 Group class

  • High intensity 45-minute format spent mostly on the reformer

  • Suitable for those with prior RX class experience

  • Ideal for those looking to get their heart rate up!


Exercise Physiology Group Classes

  • Suitable for all levels, individual assessment and programs

  • Include aerobic exercise, exercises drawn from Pilates and resistance exercises

  • Ideal for those wanting to improve fitness, decrease weight, and increase tone and core strength

  • One-on-one consultation with Exercise Physiologist required before commencing


Pre-Natal RX Group class

  • Individual assessment and program

  • Suitable for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester

  • Use of specialised Pilates equipment including Reformers and EXO chairs

  • Safe and suitable exercise during pregnancy

  • Improves posture, general conditioning and pelvic floor strength

  • Can assist in management of back pain and muscular tension


Post-Natal RX Group class

  • Individual assessment and program

  • Participants must have attended 6 week GP/Obstetrician check up

  • Babies welcome to class 

  • Pelvic floor and core strengthening


What to Wear

Wear comfortable exercise clothing to each session. Shoes are not required in Pilates, but please wear socks.

Class Passes

Class pass options are available, providing a discounted rate for classes. These passes have a 3-month duration, enabling them to be used over a period convenient to you.

If you are new to our Exercise Classes it is recommended that you complete at least five Level 1 FX classes before progressing to RX classes. Once mastered correctly, enormous benefits can be experienced. We advise you take your time to properly learn any Pilates-based exercises rather than rushing to progress a class level.

Health Fund Rebates

Our Exercise Classes and small groups are eligible to be claimed through many Private Health Insurers under the new Private Health Insurance (PHI) Rules that came in place as of 1st April 2019. 

Please check with your fund to confirm your level of cover.


Individual Assessments and Exercise Programs:

To comply with current PHI requirements, physiotherapists must create:

  1. Individualised assessment of patients in one-on-one, group sessions and classes. It is recommended that an individual Assessment is performed with your instructor before commencing Exercise Classe, and at least every -months thereafter.

  2. A program of exercised-based interventions specific to the patient. In group sessions this includes adjusting the group program for individuals as required. In both groups and classes, the exercises should address a current health problem.

  3. High quality clinical notes that reflect physiotherapy practice. You cannot reference Pilates in your clinical notes.


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