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Corporate Health Services

Precision Health Care offers numerous corporate health and on-site Physiotherapy services.

Pre-Employment Assessments

All Pre-Employment Assessments are completed by a Physiotherapist, allowing any adverse findings to be further tested and investigated. This ensures employers are provided with comprehensive feedback regarding the assessment findings. Assessments can be completed using an employer provided template or using Precision Health Care's own thorough screening process. 

Workstation Ergonomic Assessments

On-site Workstation Ergonomic Assessments are completed by Physiotherapists and can be carried out as a general assessment or in response to a specific injury. Verbal feedback and recommendations are provided at the time of the assessment, along with a written report.

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling training packages are able to be developed and delivered for a variety of industries from Mining to Child Care. Delivered by Physiotherapists with an extensive knowledge of anatomy and the mechanism of common injuries, training is focused on explaining both correct techniques and the reasoning for this. This ensures participants have a comprehensive knowledge of appropriate manual handling techniques, leading to greater compliance.

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