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Men's Health

Physiotherapy can help to manage continence problems in the male population. This can be related to muscle weaknesses or overactivity, urgency, nocturia, and prostate problems and/or surgery. Physiotherapy may also help with conditions like chronic pelvic pain syndrome/chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction.


Precision Health Care Physiotherapist Craig Lennox is one of the few Physiotherapists in inland NSW performing full men's continence assessments. Craig trained with continence physiotherapy pioneer Pauline Chiarelli and has now been working in men's health and continence for several years.


A thorough assessment will include a review of your continence problems and how they affect your life, and a physical assessment as required. A personalised exercise program and other techniques can then be prescribed to help manage these issues and hopefully help you improve your confidence and quality of life.


For Men's Continence Assessment bookings and further information call Precision Health Care on 02 6885 1188.


  • Complete continence assessment

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment

  • Exercise prescription before and after prostate surgery

  • Management of stress and urgency incontinence issues

  • Management of CPPS/Chronic Prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, and other men's health issues.

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