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Functional Fitness and Weightlifting

Performance Enhancement

Injury Prevention

Injury Management

Precision Health Care Physiotherapist Adrian Carey has a special interest in Functional Fitness and Olympic Weightlifting and has completed the CrossFit(R) Level One Trainer course and AWF Sports Power Level One Coach certification.

Adrian's in depth understanding of the concepts and movements underpinning Functional Fitness programs, combined with his skills as a Physiotherapist, provides Adrian with an ability to help maximise performance and minimise the risk of injury. 

Olympic Weightlifting is a unique sport in its ability to combine and develop both maximum power output and flexibility. Adrian’s understanding of the sport of weightlifting will allow assessment and treatment to assist in achieving the positions required to perform the Olympic lifts safely and effectively. 

A comprehensive movement screen assists with identifying areas of restriction or weakness which may lead to an increase in injury risk and may be causing plateaus in your athletic performance.

Adrian has a great working relationship with the local coaches in the Dubbo area. This allows physiotherapy exercises to be integrated into your daily program to streamline your return to training.

For more information or to book an appointment, please phone Precision Health Care on 02 6885 1188


  • Functional Fitness Performance Improvement and Injury Prevention

  • Weightlifting Performance and Injury Prevention

  • Effective treatment and reduced recurrence of existing injuries

  • Treatment and management of unrelated injuries impacting performance

  • Suitable for all levels of skill and experience


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