Cycling Performance and Injury Management

Cycling Performance

Cycling Injury Prevention

Cycling Injury Management

Precision Health Care Physiotherapist Craig Lennox is one of the only Physiotherapists focusing on cycling injuries and their management in Central Western NSW. He combines years of Physiotherapy and cycling experience with his Bike-Fit training and thorough knowledge of the latest cycling-specific biomechanical research.


A thorough cycling assessment will include a review of your current program, cycling goals, previous and current injuries and physical assessment of strength and flexibility in key cycling-related areas. This assists to identify problems with your pedaling action and cycling position, as well as any physical limitations. These issues can then be addressed through modification of your cycling position and an individualised exercise and stretching program, helping you get the most out of your bike and your body.


Current injuries can be effectively treated and managed, and steps taken to prevent them from reccurring. Interventions are designed to be incorporated into your current training or coaching program.


Whether riding for pleasure, fitness, or competition, on the road, dirt or track, a Cycling Assessment can help you maximise your performance and reach your cycling goals. For Cycling Assessment bookings and further information call Precision Health Care on 02 6885 1188.


  • Effective treatment of cycling injuries

  • Treatment and management of unrelated injuries affecting cycling performance

  • Injury prevention and reduced recurrence

  • Improve cycling perfomance

  • Road, MTB, Track

  • Suitable for all levels of cycling experience and performance.